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Overhead Real Estate is Tampa Bay's Premier Drone Aerial Camera service, NOT A DRONE RETAILER OR SERVICE FACILITY for beautiful photos and videos of Land Surveying and real estate properties in and around Tampa Bay.  Our specialty is Aerial Drone Construction Project updates as well as numerous other types of videography/photography.  We are a full (and current) Commercial Aerial Drone FAA Licensed Part 107 Remote Pilot and fully insured with Liability insurance and can provide COI to you in advance as well as a complete, written FREE price quote.  Our business that will surpass your expectation in quality, FAST service delivery and Professionalism.  We strive to deliver your photos/videos electronically to you WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY OF THE SHOOT.  We will travel to anywhere in Florida even in no-fly areas with FAA proper permissions and coordination to fly.  Contact us to get a fair price and crystal clear, no fisheye, cinematic quality photo and videos to enhance your business or showcase your property.  We also do inside photography, video walk-thrus and 360 photo/video work as well.


I now have numerous drones in my "fleet" and the most powerful Drone; The DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ v2.0 with 1" camera sensor and 20MP photos, the fantastic DJI Mavic 2 Pro with the Hassleblad 1" Sensor camera and the DJI Inspire 1.   We also feature the new tiny DJI Mini 3 Pro and Mini 2 that is safe to fly indoors as well and still shoots smoothly in 4K as well.  NO FISHEYE in videos or stills!  4K Video and High-Resolution CLEAR Still Imagery.


Also have Nikon DSLR Digital Camera with super wide-angle lens to capture interior photography with style.  Also do Interior stills/video with a 4K DJI Osmo Stabilized Cam and to complete my tools, I can do 360 Stills/Video creating awesome Virtual Tours as well!



We now have a 4yr FAA Daylight Waiver! 


This means we can film your property at NIGHT to capture truly beautiful shots that only a few lucky people can that posses this FAA Waiver! 


Thanks to all my FANTASTIC Clients for the opportunity to showcase their properties and projects! 


I have my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification #4007691 with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and have recently passed my 2-yr currency FAA exam (which over 70+% of intial Part 107 Pilots have not done and therefore are flying ILLEGALLY), This now replaces my older FAA 333 Exemption No. 11649 to use my Drones for Commercial use (Aerial Data Collection).  I have been legally flying commercial drones for over 8yrs now.  This is approval to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct aerial imaging for safety, monitoring and comparing work efforts and completion percentages, and security of controlled environment of various sites as well as aerial Video and Photography.

About our President and Pilot

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification.  $1M Aerial Drone Liability Insured (This is a Insurance required that is unique, not a GENERAL Liability Policy).  Professional Aviator, Photographer and Videographer with 8 years Aerial Drone Photography experience with over 800+ paid jobs completed.  Also, 22 plus years flight experience as a USAF Special Operations Aviator.  7 plus years in the world's most sophisticated Helicopter, The Mighty MH-53 Pave Low with the remainder of my flying years in the Incredible AC-130 Spectre Gunship.  Why not work with an aviation professional who most important item is SAFETY and can "read" the winds and do acomprehensive site study of the intended location to ensure the best flight path to obtain video footage and still photography ensuring your properties are apart from the rest with this exciting new technology!  ALL FAA RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE STRICTLY FOLLOWED!  We LEGALLY contact the FAA for clearance to fly where it is normally restricted.

Photo Gallery of a small bit of my work

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Overhead Real Estate

President/Pilot:  PJ Cook

Phone: 727-744-2945


2034 Rainbow Farms Dr.
Safety Harbor, FLORIDA 34695


I also do 35MM Slide conversion to digital format (and restoration) as well as 8MM and SUPER 8 Movie conversion to .MP4 or .MOV in 1080p Resolution to really make your old family movies look great and you can share them on YouTube or any other method you choose!


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